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Are you graduating soon? 

Or still in the middle of your studies? If you want to take your first career step, join us while you are still studying. We believe that collaborating with students creates value for both you and FOSS. Working at FOSS, you will develop your skills and competencies by bringing your theoretical toolbox to good use. In turn, your point of view and new ideas contribute to the technical development and growth of our business.

Regardless of your role, we promise you development opportunities through professional hands-on experience, working with the best in the field. As a student working at FOSS, you can help us reach our goals: To contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources and thus to the nutrition and health of the people in the world. 

Explore your possibilities below if you are interested in joining us.



Student assistant

We have student assistants working within many different study areas and in many departments throughout the organisation, from marketing and communication to concept development, logistics and quality. You name it. As a student assistant, you will participate in the daily work in collaboration with your colleagues. You may be assigned to a specific project or assist in solving daily work tasks on a more general level. This way you get to explore FOSS as a possible future workplace after your studies.

Your weekly working hours are agreed with your manager, and we are of course flexible in relation to your studies. You can get an overview of the available student assistant jobs on the ‘Work at FOSS’ page, or you can send an unsolicited application from the same page.
Student assisten
Student life

Get an internship

As an intern, you get a great opportunity to put your academic skills to good use.  In return, we benefit from the energy and input from young people who may think about familiar problems in new ways.

At FOSS, an internship normally lasts one semester, but we also offer shorter periods. We plan the details as we go along.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact HR

Project, Thesis or Ph.D.

If you are looking for a case study for a semester project, thesis or a Ph.D., we would like to collaborate with you. This way, you get the opportunity to connect your studies with a real-world business case, and we get access to new knowledge and theories from the academic world.
At FOSS we have a compensation scheme that is aligned with the ECTS point system. The compensation depends on the amount of ECTS points gained when the project has been completed.

Please contact HR, if you want to collaborate with us
Student life