Student Opportunities

Are you graduating soon? Or still in the middle of your studies? If you want to take your first career step, join us whether you are a bachelor student, master student, PhD student or Postdoc.


An innovative, purpose driven and team-oriented company


Innovation and growth are a vital part of our DNA. As an employer, we are proud of hiring people early in their career and empowering them. We wish to offer a working environment where people early in their career have a meaningful job and can learn and grow.


Joining us as a student you will get an interesting and exciting job where you will be part of an international atmosphere, working with people from all over the world. Regardless of your role, we promise you development opportunities through professional hands-on experience, working with the best in the field.

Work as a Student Assistant

We have student assistants working within many different fields, in various departments throughout our organization.  As a student assistant, you will participate in the daily work in collaboration with your colleagues. You may be assigned to a specific project or assist in solving daily work tasks on a more general level. This way you get to explore FOSS as a possible future workplace after your studies.

  • Flexible working hours, average 15-20 h/week
  • For both bachelors and Master students
  • Preferable, you have a few years left of your studies

“As a student, I get the freedom to pursue my own projects, drive them forward, and include stakeholders around the organization. You learn fast when your managers consider you a regular employee, and not just one who brews the office coffee. Working in Front-end Innovation, I get to be part of the concept development of new FOSS solutions. I contribute to the work on product requirements, UX research, and the proof of concept of new products. I get my hands on quite a lot of different projects, which is exciting as two days are never the same.”

Anders Sindal Stæhr, Student Help, Project Creation, B.Sc. Design and Innovation

All vacant student assistant jobs are posted in the list of open positions. 


Get an internship

As an intern, you get a great opportunity to utilize your academic skills.
At FOSS, an internship normally lasts one semester, but we also offer shorter periods. We plan the details as we go along.


  • 20 – 37 hours / week
  • For both Bachelor and Master students
  • Length of internship is approx. 20 weeks

“As an intern in the Meat segment at FOSS, I am part of an innovative project team. I’ve had the freedom of setting my own learning goals: programming, learning about food safety in the meat industry, hygienic design, field test planning and the likes. My team helps me achieve these goals and working interdisciplinary is both fun and rewarding. During my 5 months internship, I have gotten a much better understanding of what it means to be an engineer. The one thing I would highlight about FOSS is the great working culture: I have not yet met a colleague, who wasn’t eager to help me in one way or another.”

Ellen Patricia Krenk, Intern, Meat segment, B.Eng.Food quality and safety


Write your thesis & projects with us

If you are looking for a case study for a semester project, thesis or a Ph.D., why not collaborate with FOSS? By collaborating with us you will get the opportunity to connect your studies with a real-world business case, and we get access to your knowledge and theories from the academic world.
At FOSS we have a compensation scheme that is aligned with the ECTS point system. The compensation depends on the amount of ECTS points gained when the project has been completed.

  • Write your thesis in collaboration with FOSS experts
  • Master thesis – 30-60 ETCS
  • Bachelor thesis – 10-15 ETCS
  • Minor assignments - 5-15 ETCS

“I had the opportunity to do my Master's project at FOSS in close collaboration with the Data and Algorithms team (D&A). In no time I became part of a team that holds a high level of experience and competences specifically within chemometrics and data-analysis. Being at FOSS I had the chance of exploring real-world data combined with advanced machine learning algorithms. I would definitely recommend all students to write their thesis within a company like FOSS as this provides insight into how important interdisciplinary work across different departments in order to deliver high quality solutions.”

Sophie Silberbrandt, MSc. Mathematical Modelling and Computation

Office trainee, administration

  • 2 year program, rotation in 4 different departments in Denmark
  • Requirement: Completed EUX, HHX or other qualifying education

“A global company like FOSS gives me as a trainee many opportunities for further development both professionally but also personally. As a trainee, the focus is on your development, and you act on equal terms with your colleagues. You get responsibility, independent tasks, but also take part in projects so you feel like part of the team. I wanted to study HD at CBS at the same time as my time as a trainee and that opportunity was offered by FOSS.”


Nicklaes Mårtensen, started as Office Trainee, now works as Operational Purchaser in our Material Support 


FOSS Student community

To highlight the importance of our students, we have recently launched the FOSS Student Community; a cross-functional group of students from the entire organization, aiming to facilitate the integration as well as the personal and professional development of our students at FOSS. You will join a network of students, who gather for social and professional events.


Ready to embark on this journey at FOSS?

Are you a student and want to be part of the team? We are often looking for new talents to join our team, so do keep an eye on our job postings. A student position at FOSS is a unique opportunity to enter our company since we often are able to offer employment when you have graduated. 



Get on board and build your network


When joining FOSS, you will get an onboarding program and partake in our introduction day to quickly become familiar with FOSS´ universe and mission. 


A job here is an opportunity for you to build a global network and meet senior business leaders, technical experts as well as colleagues from around the world.
You will be working from our office in Denmark, with the possibility to sign up for activities and exercise groups, work out at our fitness center and eat at our canteen (lunch, afternoon snacks, coffee, and tea). Early career at FOSS also means receiving on-the-job training, coaching and guidance from senior business leaders throughout your journey with us. They'll provide you with continuous feedback so you can improve your skills, take on new experiences and unleash your potential.

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