Let the results flow with high-throughput laboratory operations

Complete analytical solutions put reliable results in the hands of laboratory customers quickly, safely and with less burden on laboratory resources.

We know that laboratories today need to provide fast and reliable results for product release and correct use of raw materials. Therefore, automation, integration and calibrated instruments are key elements to avoid fluctuations between batches due to human error. 

Laboratory focus areas

  • Quality and production control

    Get accurate and precise results enabling you to meet production targets, follow labelling demands and comply with industry regulations.

    Verify incoming goods and know how to segregate raw materials 
    Make qualified decisions based on approved and efficient methods
    Perform final product control and ensure correct labelling of foods
  • Product safety and authentication

    Consumers today have a high focus on food safety, fair trade and sustainability.

    Our laboratory solutions give access to data that will help you authenticate your products and strengthen your brand. 

    Assess incoming raw materials and prevent fraud in the supply chain
    Comply with good manufacturing practices
    Spot contaminants early in the process

“Now we can handle more samples and get the results earlier with less work”

Learn how Denofa soya crushing plant in Norway have achieved more consistent results and higher protein content with automated Kjeltec™.

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