The NIRS™ DS3 analyser is always ready, delivers results you can trust and offers many smart data sharing and calibration management options. Get the information you need to make the necessary decisions and get full control of your sample preparation. Shorten your turnaround time, reduce waste and reduce the use of harmful chemicals to optimise cost and ensure sustainable operations, while sample matching allows you to improve quality control.

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A wide range of food and feed matrices such as bread, pasta, ready to go meals, sausage and more.
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Fat, protein, moisture, ash, starch plus the option to develop specialised calibrations such as amino acids, NDF, ADF, dietary fibre, sugar and more for selected matrixes.
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Improve laboratory processes by knowing the expected value of samples. Save cost of consumables by choosing the correct method e.g. de-fating/ de- sugaring etc. Reduce the need for reanalysis and improve turnaround time.

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  • Automated sample transfer

    Automated sample transfer reduces time spent on transferring data to and from management systems 

  • Scheduled diagnostics

    Running instrument diagnostics is essential to maintain high analytical performance of your NIR laboratory equipment, but it is also time consuming and limits access to the instrument.

    With scheduled diagnostics, you can ensure that your instrument is always ready during working hours, with full confidence in your results.

  • FossManager™

    FossManager™ software allows instruments to be connected in a network making it easier, quicker and more reliable to manage individual or multiple instruments from a desktop located anywhere. 
  • Ready-to-use calibrations or tools to develop your own

    FOSS global ANN calibrations are built on thousands of samples from a large variety of raw materials. Alternatively, develop your own calibrations with the easy to use FossCalibrator™ tool.
  • Versatile performance

    Advanced and versatile solution for testing a range of parameters on ground or liquid material with no or very limited sample preparation.

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