Exhibitions and Seminars

You can find us at these events

Event Date Location Segment
IPPE 24-26 January Atlanta, USA Feed & Meat
Seafood Processing North America
12-14 March Boston, USA Fish
CFIA 14-16 March Rennes, France All
BeerX 15-16 March  Liverpool, United Kingdom  Beer 
Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Asia Pacific 20-24 March  Adelaide, Australia  Beer 
Forum Labo
28-30 March Paris, France Lab
Trends in Brewing 2-6 April Ghent, Belgium Beer
Vinequip 5-7 April Macôn, France Wine
Food Technology  12-13 April Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Seafood Processing Global 25-27 April Barcelona, Spain Fish
Craft Brewers Conference
7-10 May Nashville, USA Beer
European Brewers Forum 21-23 May Prague, Czech Republic Beer
ICAR 22-26 May Toledo, Spain Raw Milk Testing
NIR Forum
26-28 September Hillerød, Denmark Feed & Grain
Arablab 19-21 September Dubai, UAE Lab
HI Messen 3-5 October Herning, Denmark Dairy
World Mycotoxin Forum 9-11 October Antwerp, Belgium Grain
World Dairy Summit 16-19 October Chicago, USA Dairy
BrauBeviale 28-30 November Nuremberg, Germany Beer
Sitevi 28-30 November Montpellier, France Wine