Infratec 1241 - analisador de grãos

Infratec™ 1241 Grain Analyser

The 3rd generation Infratec™ 1241 is the world’s most widely used grain analyser. Based on 60 years of experience, Infratec™ is recognised by the global grain industry as the trusted method for grain analysis.

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Infratec 1241 - Grain analyser
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The global standard in grain analysis with a calibration database covering more than 20 years of harvest. Reliable even in a harsh environment
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Barley, Wheat, Corn and other cereals, oilseeds, beans and pulses.
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Moisture, Protein, Oil, Test Weight, Starch, Wet Gluten, Fibre, Ash and many more.

Find out why 80% of all wheat traded globally is tested on an Infratec™

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How to control and segregate grain quality for the best possible price

Learn how DanFarm, Slovakia are reaping the benefits of on-farm grain analysis by implementing two Infratec™ grain analysers for efficient segregation and quality control. Read article


  • ANN Software ANN Software

    ANN - A global industry needs global calibrations

    The huge Infratec™ database comprises over 50.000 cross checked samples, PLS and robust ANN-based calibrations building on a wide sample range from many years of harvests. This gives a level of accuracy and stability that enables Infratec™ to test even the most unusual samples anywhere in the world.
  • FossConnect FossConnect


    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution for Infratec™ that helps you reduce your production costs and secure the quality of your products. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.
  • Harvest Harvest

    Established standard worldwide

    Infratec™ is officially approved and established worldwide as the standard for determining Protein, Moisture, Oil and Starch. Its accurate and reliable results help you to deliver consistent quality.

    With Infratec’s patented stabilising technique, you get correct results whatever the weather. For instance, Protein is predictable to within 0,1% and it can be measured in temperatures ranging from -4°C to +40 °C. 
  • The flour module in the Infratec 1241 The flour module in the Infratec 1241

    Expand capabilities with additional modules

    The Infratec™ 1241 is part of a modular system that includes a Flour module, a Test Weight module and a Sample Transport module to test small samples, wet samples and liquids.

Since the Infratec™ was introduced in 1987 it quickly became the benchmark for grain analysis trusted to facilitate billions of dollars worth of fair grain trade every year.


White Paper: Learn why rapid analysis with FOSS is superior to the reference method

White Paper: Learn why rapid analysis with FOSS is superior to the reference method

ANN White Paper frontpage
The FOSS NIR calibration is now a global standard for measuring Protein and Moisture in whole grain of wheat and barley.

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Technical specification

Feature Specification
Dimensions (W x D x H) 500 × 570 × 400 mm
Weight 30 kg
Voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz or 110-120V
Rated current 1.0A (110-120V) / 0.5A (220-240V)
Spectrometer  Scanning monochromator
Wavelength range 570 - 1100 nm
Detector Silicon 
Optical bandwidth 7 nm
Number of data points/scan 265
Mode Transmittance
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp
Detector Silicon
Storage Media Flash disk, USB memory stick
Display 640 × 480 TFT LCD
Sample handling and result presentation
Analysis time
50 seconds for 10 sub-samples 
Path length Variable cell automatically controlled from 6 - 33 mm
Result report Presented on the display as default. Can be sent to PC/LIMS and the printer port
Outlier function Warnings and options for the presentation of the result
Software Menu driven
Regression programs
ANN (Artificial Neural Network); PLS (Partial Least Squares) 
No. of sub-samples 1 - 20
Operation Data
Software Menu driven
Regression programs
ANN (Artificial Neural Network); PLS (Partial Least Squares)
No. of sub-samples 1 - 20
PATENTED METHOD - US PATENTS; US 4,944,589 AND EUROPEAN PATENTS; EP 0 320 477 B1, 8704886-4.

Optional Modules
• Flour Module
• Test Weight Module
• Sample Transport Module

Support Software
• Infratec™ File Tool, 1241
• WinISI™ 4, Calibration Development Software
• Infratec™ Scan Predictor
• Infratec™ DataLogger (included with instrument)
• FOSS DataLink
• MOSAIC internet network software

For support and administration of Infratec systems operated in networks, contact FOSS Analytical for further information.

Printer: 25 pin parallel port
Modem: 9 pin serial port
External PC: 9 pin serial port
Keyboard/Barcode: PS/2
USB Ports: 2 pcs
Remote I/O: 15-pin High Density DSUB
Diagnostics: Self tests for internal communication,
monochromator and detector (offset,
gain and noise)
System protection: Dust and humidity protected

Brochures and Papers

Infratec™ 1241 Brochure

PDF, English

Infratec™ NOVA

PDF, English

Grain, Milling and Oils Segment Brochure

PDF, English

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