NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy Powder Analyser

The NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy Powder Analyser helps you to improve yield in your dairy powder production. Designed for use in the laboratory or at the production line, the NIRS™ DS2500 is a practical quality control tool ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality.

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Routine production control. Monitoring of final product quality. More yield with reduced energy.
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Dairy powders and Ice-cream mix
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Fat, Protein, Moisture, Ash, Lactose, Acidity and more

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FTIR, NIR or FT-NIR - What's the difference? How to choose the right technology for your production

FOSS experts explain the difference between Infrared analysis options for dairy producers.


  • FossConnect FossConnect


    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution for the NIRS™ DS2500 that helps you reduce your production costs and secure the quality of your products. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.

  • FossAssure Instrument FossAssure Instrument


    FossAssure™ is a NIRS™ DS2500 digital service designed to reduce product waste, secure brand protection and increase profitability by ensuring the quality and precision of your analytical results. Besides, FossAssure™ services will also improve instrument uptime and reduce production costs by optimising the operation and the performance of your instruments.

  • DS2500 Dairy Powder DS2500 Dairy Powder

    NIR Technology

    NIR (Near Infrared) reflectance method yields accurate representative analyses for solid or semi-solid dairy products. Plus, analysis can be easily replicated.

    Versatility and stability across the full spectral range from 400 to 2500 nm.

“We want to know that if the certificate on a delivery states 80% protein that it is right.”

Glanbia Nutritionals, UK explain how discriminant analysis adds a valuable layer of security to their production process.

Technical specification

Products measured and product presentation
Dimensions (WxDxH) 375 x 490 300 mm
Weight 27 kg
Degree of protection  IP 65
Measurement mode Reflectance or transflectance (for liquids) 
Wavelength range 400 – 2500
Detector Silicon (400 – 1100 nm), Lead Sulfide (1100 – 2500 nm)
Optical bandwidth 8.75 +-0.1 nm
Spectral resolution 0.5 nm
Number of data points 4200
Absorbance range Up to 2 AU
Analysis time <1 minute*
Wavelength accuracy <0.05 nm

Wavelength precision (Based on a single analyser)

<0.005 nm
Wavelength precision instrument-to-instrument (Based on a group of analysers) <0.02 nm
Photometric noise**

400 – 700 nm < 50 micro au
700 – 2500 nm < 20 micro au

**Noise = RMS for 10 co-added, 10 second scans

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