CombiFoss 7 chosen for ability to meet future milk testing demands

24. Jan, 2017
A major raw milk-testing laboratory in Germany has sealed an order for 12 latest-generation CombiFoss units, continuing a long history of collaboration with FOSS.

Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. invests in analysis devices from FOSS once again.

Wolnzach, 09/12/16 – Representatives from Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. and FOSS GmbH sealed the deal for the purchase of 12 latest-generation systems for raw milk analysis with a signature.
 With the CombiFoss 7 devices, the foundation has been laid for the future of raw milk analysis in Bavaria into the 2020s.


The purchase of the new device generation marks a new chapter in the cooperation between mpr and device manufacturer FOSS. Milchprüfring executive Hans Epp underlined the longstanding successful partnership that started in 1974 with the purchase of over 50 Milkotesters for the Milchprüfring laboratories in Bavaria. Gradually, the company then invested in FOSS devices for cell count analysis and bacteria count. With the practical experience of one of the biggest routine laboratories in the world, mpr supported and accompanied the development work of FOSS time and time again.


Dr. Christian Baumgartner, Managing Director of Milchprüfring, stated that, as partners, the companies have set new standards together by pushing forward precise raw milk analysis for high-throughput laboratories. The devices impress in particular with regard to longevity and productivity. More than half of the 12 devices currently operated in Bavaria have each tested over 22 million samples. One device has even analysed over 23 million samples: That's a world record! By purchasing the 7th generation CombiFoss, Milchprüfring is equipping itself for the future once again. With the new devices, mpr will operate even more effectively and can also offer customers new services. 

Barbara Nichtern, Managing Director of FOSS Northern Europe, outlined these services and opportunities afforded by CombiFoss 7. The systems from the 7th generation deliver up to 19 parameters from a sample in an analysis time of just six seconds - that's a groundbreaking level of progress.

The CombiFoss 7 system consists of two analysis units: the Milkoscan 7 RM for determining the ingredients and the Fossomatic 7 for determining the somatic cell count.

The MilkoScan 7 RM provides the fat, protein, lactose and urea values, as well as the freezing point. It also offers a wide range of additional options, like free fatty acids content, fatty acid pattern and ketosis screening.

In addition to the total cell number, the Fossomatic 7 DC also determines a so-called cell differentiation index from the milk samples. This value is extremely helpful with single animal samples for assessing the udder health moreeffectively. Based on this value, any necessary measures can be taken earlier. This index therefore helps to improve animal welfare and to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Up to 600 samples per second can be analysed with the CombiFoss 7 – despite the many new and additional analysis results. This increases the productivity of raw milk analysis in the laboratory significantly. 

The devices from the latest generation will be commissioned over the next few months based on a set delivery and training schedule. The ongoing analysis operation will not be interrupted during this process. All new systems will be operating at full capacity by October 2017 at the latest.


About Milchprüfring Bayern e.V.

Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. is a pioneer in raw milk analysis. At its central site in Wolnzach, it operates one of the largest raw milk laboratories in the world that delivers over 100 million validated analysis results from more than 16 million samples every year. Whether on behalf of public authorities or as a service provider for dairy plants and milk producers - all test orders for ensuring process and product quality are carried out neutrally and efficiently. mpr is actively involved in the development of innovative methods and supports projects for improving the information base for the management of dairy farms, in particular with regard to promoting the health and welfare of animals.

About FOSS

FOSS develops and produces quick, reliable and targeted system solutions for routine checks for the agricultural sector, the food industry and for pharmaceutical and chemical products. The system solutions cover the entire value chain, from the raw material to the end product.

FOSS was founded in 1956. The idea was to turn time-consuming analysis methods into automated processes and to create quick and cost-efficient options - a principle that still applies today, 


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