Ice-cream analysis made simple with MilkoScan™ FT1

Ice-cream production
9. sep., 2021
A major Norwegian ice-cream producer is making good use of the simple operation and robust and comprehensive ANN calibrations available with the MilkoScan™ FT1. A wide variety of cream and ice-cream mix samples can be handled with ease, with far less required in the way of reference analysis compared to previous solutions.


We travelled to Norway to interview Hennig-Olsen Is. You can see the interview in the video or read the transcript below. 



What products do you analyse?
Narrator: It's creamy, but is it the right quality cream? To live up to their tagline, the cream of ice-cream, Hennig-Olsen Is, must be quite sure about the composition and consistency of their products. This is why a fast MilkoScan FT1 instrument has become such an indispensable tool in the plant laboratory at Kristiansand, Norway.


Ellen S. Gjerde Iveland: We use fresh cream to make our ice cream mixes. We analyse the cream and the ready mix, the ice cream mix as well. We have a soft-ice mix, a milkshake mix, a yogurt mix and a mix that contains egg yolk too. It works great on MilkoScan. That's a huge advantage.


Helge Erjford: MilkoScan is an incredible instrument. It provides fast and efficient measurements with great precision. It is important to measure the dry matter and fat content of our ice cream mixes because this is how we confirm that they were processed correctly, with the proper amount of each ingredient. The ratio of dry matter to fat, the pH, taste - all of these things are related.



What are the benefits of “ready-to-use” calibrations supplied with the MilkoScan?
Narrator: One reason why the instrument is popular is the well-proven and ready to use calibrations supplied with the instrument.


Helge Erjford: The standard calibration that comes with MilkoScan - it affects the result of almost 100% of everything we deliver.


Ellen S. Gjerde Iveland: In the past... well, at first we had an instrument set where we had to run the calibrations ourselves. We had to collect samples, we had to send them in for a baseline analysis, then we had to work with the calibrations themselves. It's a huge advantage to have ready calibrations instead, where you can adjust everything.



Milkoscan helps us achieve the quality we strive for
Narrator: Measurements take about a minute with just a little sample preparation required when small particles are present in the ice cream mix.


Ellen S. Gjerde Iveland: We have vanilla beans, cocoa, or different pastes like nut pastes, and also slightly larger particles, which can be a challenge, so we don't run them through directly.


Herge Erjford: Here, we have the usual ice cream mixes, and here is a blend with vanilla granules, so it needs to be filtered before it is run through the instrument. I filter it with a single filter.


Narrator: Today, the MilkoScan is a cornerstone of quality control that helps to improve economy both in production and in the laboratory.


Herge Erjford: Hennig-Olsen Is is "the cream of ice cream", and we use only the best ingredients and aim for the best taste. We have to be very thorough when we run quality control on the products.


Ellen S. Gjerde Iveland: For ice cream mixes, it's also a matter of not adding too much fat. The ice cream will still be good. The ice cream will still be good, but it doesn't make financial sense to use a lot of cream, no more than necessary. We're kind of an operating laboratory, so we want to spend our time on things other than calibrations. That's why MilkoScan is such a great advantage. We get ready calibrations for cream and ice cream mixes, and we only have to make a few small adjustments, so it's a lot less work.



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