Team Blue and Orange

Our analytics is developed in cross-functional teams, combining many technical disciplines, and teamwork is essential at FOSS. By working in teams we are able to combine knowledge, experience and competences to achieve great results.

17. Dec, 2020
We communicate in a straight-forward manner and solve challenges together. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful, and we treat each other as equals, regardless of position. At FOSS, we truly value that you voice your opinion, take responsibility and ownership.

We value long-lasting relationships and strong collaboration with customers and always seek to co-create with customers to come up with solutions that solve real problems. Innovation can be industry changing or incremental and consist of adjustments and improvements, which create value. We value both kinds!


In FOSS, working across countries and cultures is an integral part of our daily work. We are divided into different functions and geographies, but we all work together as one team towards the same common goals.


Joining FOSS, you will enter a learning environment, take part in projects, work with new technologies and get to explore market opportunities. We love entrepreneurial thinking and are open to new ideas. If you have a good idea – you will be encouraged to bring it forward.
Learn more about learning, career development and growth at FOSS, and the measures we take to make FOSS a great place to work.


Learning at FOSS 


Your Career & Growth 

We know that our people are the foundation which the company builds on. Internal career moves are important, especially in a knowledge-driven company. That is why we focus strongly on opportunities for learning, advancing and making a career. By focusing on the internal career possibilities, FOSS employees can move in new directions and develop in collaboration with professionally strong colleagues. 
A growing company also means a constant flow of new career possibilities. We aim to fill 50% of leadership positions internally.




High Employee Engagement 

Every year, we ask employees to give their honest feedback on FOSS as a workplace. We are very proud of the results, but we still strive to do better every year. The suggestions, ideas and critique from the yearly survey, and on a continuous basis, are invaluable in the effort to make sure FOSS continues to be a great place to work.
We truly value the high engagement from employees – it is essential for developing a great work environment for all.


People working together on a project

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