A Company on a Mission

A Company on a Mission

FOSS is a company on a mission for a more sustainable use of the world’s food resources.

A fast-growing population means that the global food production will have to increase by 60% by 2050 to meet demand. We want to be part of the solutions to make that happen in an innovative way. The aim is to help ensure product quality, fair payment, production efficiency and reduced waste.


The FOSS Mission

We contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources and thus to the nutrition and health of the people of the world.

We provide analytics beyond measure to add value to our customers by improving quality and optimising food and agricultural production.


Our Values
Our three core values are the compass we navigate by, and they describe the principles FOSS has been guided by since 1956. They provide value for our customers, meaning for the employees, and they guide our business.

  • FIRST because being first is motivating and rewarding

  • CUSTOMER because the customer is the focus of everything we do

  • PEOPLE & KNOWLEDGE because FOSS is a company based on knowledge and employees working in collaboration
Hear our mission and values explained in further detail here.

Introducing the FOSS Mission and Values

Hear CEO of FOSS, Kim Vejlby Hansen, explain the FOSS mission and values in further detail.
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