Soxtec 255

ST 255 Soxtec™

Semi automated, flexible extraction system suitable for a wide range of applications in the food, feed, environmental and other industrial segments.

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Soxtec 255
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Safe operations with spark proof hot plate. Save time with batch handling tools. Compatible with hydrolysis solutions for Total fat analysis.
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Feed, Feed ingredients, Forage, Pet food, Food, Food ingredients, Grain, Cereal, Oil seeds, DDGS, Meat, Meat products, Fish, Fish products, Dairy products, Environmental products, (e.g. Soil, Sludge, Waste water) and other industry products (Paper pulp, Textiles, Rubber, Tobacco, Fertilizer, Detergents, Plastic and more)
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Crude Fat, Total Fat and Extractable Matter

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  • Accessories for Soxtec 8000 Accessories for Soxtec 8000


    Soxtec Systems has an extensive range of accessories with glass and aluminium cups and thimbles in different sizes to fit individual laboratory needs and applications.

  • Accessories for Soxtec ST 243 & ST 255 Accessories for Soxtec ST 243 & ST 255

    Batch handling tools and accessories

    Overall laboratory efficiency is further improved by the purpose-developed handling tools delivered with the Soxtec™ system. The tools for simple batch-wise sample handling save time, simplify usage and minimise risk of operator error. There is no longer any need for manual handling of thimbles or hot extraction cups.

  • Hydrotec 8000 Hydrotec 8000

    Total fat determination

    Compatible with Hydrotec™ 8000 Hydrolysis unit for total fat determination.


A Soxtec™ to suit every need

The Soxtec™ series consist of various levels of automation from manual to fully automated solutions:

Soxtec™ 8000
ST 255 Soxtec™ ST 243 Soxtec™
Levels of automation Fully automated Semi automated Manual
Positions 6 - 12 6 6
Capacity/day 42/86 samples 30 - 36 samples 30 - 36 samples
Solvent volume 40 - 110 ml

70 - 90 ml

40 - 50 ml
Thimble diameter 26, 33 mm 26, 33 mm 26 mm
Compatible with hydrolysis unit Hydrotec™ 8000 and SC 247 SoxCap™ Hydrotec™ 8000 and SC 247 SoxCap™ SC 247 SoxCap™ with mini capsules

Technical specification

Performance data at 230 V  
Extraction time Typically 45 – 60 min
Solvent volume 70 – 90 ml depending on cup type
Sample size 0.5 – 3 g depending on sample type 0.5 – 2 g (for total fat)
Capacity/batch 6 positions 
Capacity/day 36 samples 
Temperature range 0 – 285 °C
Measuring range  0.1 – 100 % 
Reproducibility  1% rel. Or better (5 – 100% fat) 
Solvent recovery  Typically 80 % 
Accuracy  According to officially approved methods 
Installation Requirements
Power supply
230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
1550 W
Water consumption
2/l min

ST 255 Soxtec™ Extraction Unit
ST 255 Soxtec™ Control Unit 
Weight net
30 kg
3 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
600 × 380 × 580 mm 
310 × 240 × 160 mm
Ventilation Fume hood min. Airflow 0,5 m/s (inter locked)
Fume hood min. Airflow 0,5 m/s (inter locked) 

Brochures and Papers

ST 255 Soxtec™ Brochure

PDF, English

Labtec Line Product Brochure

PDF, English

Laboratories Segment Brochure

PDF, English

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