Meet our employees

Wonder what it is like to work at FOSS? Here you can meet some of your future colleagues from a wide range of positions within FOSS.

Meet Philip from Sales & Marketing and Hanne from FOSS Digital Services

Philip and Hanne share their experience working in a business culture that encourages collaboration between many different colleagues, from research and development to global sales, across departments and countries. Philip is now General Manager for the FOSS Subsidiary in Pacific and Hanne is Head of Digital Operations.

Meet Søren – now a Programme Manager in Research & Development

Søren explains how his career at FOSS has developed from student help to chemist, project manager and now he has taken the position as programme manager. In this video, Søren shares how the project manager position is a very diverse job that involves bringing together a team of specialists.

Meet Christian – VP for Customer and Sales Support in Europe

Christian started as a Business Development Manager at FOSS and has today advanced to VP for Customer and Sales Support in Europe. In this video, Christian shares what learning experiences he gained from former positions and how it helped him land his current position. Christian also explains what it is like to come from a small team to a leadership position in a large organization.

Meet Thomas – Head of Research at FOSS

Thomas has several years of experience working with FOSS as a people and project manager. He starting up by creating a radical innovation team and now he is responsible for Research at FOSS.
Teit and Martin

Meet Teit and Martin

Visiting the customer 
Getting out of the house visiting our customers is an important part of the job.

Do you enjoy variety in your work? Perhaps a day off the desk once in a while? They do at FOSS’ Concept Design department!

Here Teit and Martin visits a dairy company in England to perform a usability test of a new dairy instrument. Usability testing is an important part of developing new instruments, as the customer’s feedback and experience with the instrument helps Concept Design improve the overall customer experience.

Meet Mette

Mette has just started in a new position as Head of Market Management in FOSS. She comes from a position as launch manager today and has been with FOSS for more than 14 years. During this time she has been in 7 different positions at 3 different departments.

A great journey 
“A great journey” Mette sums up. Mette’s openness towards new opportunities, combined with her experience and unique qualifications has recently got her the position as Head of Market Management in Sales & Marketing. 

Mette emphasizes the benefits of internal career development: “You have the ability to transfer knowledge from your prior position into a new, gain a deeper organizational understanding and build a greater network. This makes it easier to create results”.

Meet Jan – manager of Concept Development in Research & Development

Jan’s daily work as a manager in Concept Development consists of generating new ideas in collaboration with his team and deciding which ideas should be developed. The daily challenge of finding the right solutions to address the needs of our customers is solved by a diverse and competent group of specialists working together.

Meet Flemming – Service Engineer at FOSS

Flemming has held several positions in FOSS working with the technical aspects of our solutions. During his career Flemming has even worked in Australian as a FOSS customer support engineer. Now he is back in Denmark as an international service engineer supporting his colleagues in the field, solving complex technical problems.

Meet Mariana – Chemometrician in Research & Development

Mariana is a Spanish Chemometrician specialised in NIR. Coming from a research background her move to FOSS was motivated by a desire to work with real products and real customers. AT FOSS she is involved in the innovation of new products, developing calibrations for the EyeFoss image analysis grain analyser.
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