Winners and Nominees of the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes

Winners 2017

Frank M. Aarestrup is awarded the Nils Foss Excellence Prize
One of Frank M. Aarestrup’s most important contributions has been to map out and prove that the use of antibiotics for animals actually has consequences and that we can do something about it by reducing the amount of antibiotics. With a background as a veterinarian, Frank M. Aarestrup started his work in the laboratory, researching bacteria in mastitis, and his journey has then taken him to the area of antimicrobial resistance and the spread of infectious diseases on a global scale. Currently working with building a global framework for surveillance of infectious diseases, Frank M. Aarestrup is making a true impact on global food safety and human health. 

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Kristian Holst Laursen is awarded the Nils Foss Talent Prize
Kristian Holst Laursen's work with identifying and treating manganese deficiency in plants has had led to several international ventures, and his passion for solving local agricultural challenges has helped farmers all over the world. His latest research works to safeguard organic food producers by looking at plant authenticity, which can define and eliminate food fraud. 

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Nils Foss Excellence Prize winners 2017
Nils Foss Prize

Nominees 2017


For the Nils Foss Excellence Prize, the Prize Committee has nominated Professor & Head of Research Group, Frank M. Aarestrup and Professor & Head of Department, Per Bruun Brockhoff.

For the Nils Foss Talent Prize, the Prize Committee has nominated Post Doc, Alexandru Luca, Assistant Professor, Kristian Holst Laursen and Associate Professor, Klavs Martin Sørensen. 

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Winners 2016

Professor Rasmus Bro is awarded the Nils Foss Excellence Prize
Professor Rasmus Bro’s work includes the introduction of new mathematical methods to help make better use of the vast amounts of valuable data generated by modern analytical instrument platforms in use in the medical, pharmaceutical and food & feed industries. He has also pioneered a new mathematical approach to chemical analysis to aid environmental monitoring and has developed a revolutionary concept, Biocontour, for predicting the risk of developing breast cancer based on a blood sample test.

Dr Bekzod Khakimov is awarded the Nils Foss Talent Prize
31 year old Bekzod Khakimov has a PhD in metabolomics from 2013 and has continued as a post doc to build up his ‘Foodomics’ lab at Copenhagen University, a database of food compounds called the Copenhagen Open Metabolite DatabaSe (COMDAS) for facilitating easy assignments of food metabolites. Metabolomics is an exciting new area of food science with positive implications for future food production.
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Nils Foss Prize Winners 2016


Throughout his career, Nils Foss has been an enthusiastic exponent of innovation and entrepreneurship within the field of analytical technology and its application to the enhancement of quality and productivity in food, feed and agriculture.

To honour Nils Foss’ lifelong achievements, FOSS will award an Excellence Prize to recognise a globally-respected scientist for world-class innovative research. Additionally, a Talent Prize will be awarded to a young and promising scientist.

Through the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes, FOSS acknowledges the role of the food, feed and agricultural community in the innovative application of technology towards improved value and sustainability in the food supply chain. With the Prizes, FOSS wants to further stimulate research in the agricultural and food sector.