Modern grain testing with Infratec™ NOVA

4. dez, 2018
Efficient grain testing with cutting edge technology reduces analysis time without loss of accuracy, while offering low maintenance and smaller bench space.
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Here is how Infratec™ Nova can modernise grain testing
Working with grain is a dynamic process. Seasons change around the globe. Weather patterns shift and affect harvests and quality. Trucks never arrive at regular intervals but according to the weather. Prices fluctuate at the mercy of the elements. Keeping an even productive flow takes skill and perfectly designed tools. Familiar tools with a cutting edge. Tools that let you do your job smoothly and efficiently no matter what the world throws at you. Tools at the cutting edge of technology. New Infratec NOVA is 30% smaller, 20% faster, 100% connected.
You'll feel the difference immediately and recognise the accuracy. The new Infratec Nova. Smaller. Faster. Connected.

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