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Nils Foss

Winners 2017

Frank M. Aarestrup is awarded the Nils Foss Excellence Prize
One of Frank M. Aarestrup’s most important contributions has been to map out and prove that the use of antibiotics for animals actually has consequences and that we can do something about it by reducing the amount of antibiotics. With a background as a veterinarian, Frank M. Aarestrup started his work in the laboratory, researching bacteria in mastitis, and his journey has then taken him to the area of antimicrobial resistance and the spread of infectious diseases on a global scale. Currently working with building a global framework for surveillance of infectious diseases, Frank M. Aarestrup is making a true impact on global food safety and human health. 

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Kristian Holst Laursen is awarded the Nils Foss Talent Prize
Kristian Holst Laursen's work with identifying and treating manganese deficiency in plants has had led to several international ventures, and his passion for solving local agricultural challenges has helped farmers all over the world. His latest research works to safeguard organic food producers by looking at plant authenticity, which can define and eliminate food fraud. 

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The winners and nominees
Nils Foss Excellence Prize winners 2017

Introducing the Nils Foss Prize

Interview with Per Falholt, Chairman for the Nils Foss Prize Committee about why FOSS is introducing the Nils Foss Prize.


The award winner is an active and internationally recognized scientist who has shown at least 10 years world class innovative research leading to remarkable improvements in sustainability, quality or safety in the food supply chain.

The research areas are food, feed and agricultural science, applied science and/or analytical technologies within this sector. The research has led to remarkable results through innovative application of analytical technologies. It is seen as an advantage if the scientist has shown entrepreneurship in the application of the research.

The prize is EUR 100.000 of which at least 75% must be used for further research. In addition, the winner will receive a work of art.
Nils Foss Excellence Prize
Nils Foss Talent Prize


The award winner is a young, talented and promising scientist who has made a significant contribution to the application of technology to improve the sustainable use of agricultural resources and/or ensuring food quality and safety. The scientist has a maximum of five years research after completion of a Master/PhD, has shown an innovative approach and has the potential to make groundbreaking research.

The prize is EUR 15.000 and the use is without any limitations. In addition, the winner will receive a work of art.


The Prize Committee identifies and nominates the qualified candidates for both prizes. The selection process leads to a unanimous decision which is confirmed by FOSS.

Nomination for the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes is only by invitation from the Prize Committee.

Read more about the Nomination Process here.
The Committee
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