More consistent butterfat quality in raw milk with rapid and consistent test results

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24. 1, 2018
作成者: Richard Mills,
Controlling milk butterfat is a 24/7 type of job that benefits from highly consistent routine analysis based on a good instrument and solid technical support.

When Plains Dairy, USA were looking for a new analytical solution, it was not just an accurate instrument that was on the checklist.

Timely technical support, education of operators and an understanding of the application environment were additional critical factors to achieve the consistency they needed to control butterfat effectively.

Experience with a previous analyser had been marred by sporadic technical support and an insufficient understanding of the dairy application environment. “When the support did get in to assist, they were not much help because of their lack of dairy experience and knowledge,” says Plains Dairy QC Regulatory Director, Sara Marshall. “We were therefore looking for consistency, accuracy and dairy experience in the support team.“

MilkoScan FT1

A FOSS MilkoScan FT1 fitted the bill as Marshall explains: “FOSS is the industry standard. It is what we are comfortable with and the MilkoScan FT1 has received great reviews from other dairies.

Nevertheless, there was still the question of moving over from the old solution.

It proved to be seamless process. A technical rep was on site ready to receive the FT1 which was up and running the same day. He also spent half a day training all employees. To help build further expertise, the laboratory supervisor attended a special course run by FOSS.

“Every employee feels comfortable using the new equipment and we have already saved money because of the consistency of results. Before, we were giving butterfat away each month,” says Marshall. “It works great, we are confident in the results and the support is excellent.”

Speed and ease of use with the MilkoScan™ FT1
Other dairy producers have also discovered the value of rapid and easy-to-use milk-testing. See it in action in this short video case story.

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