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Technical specification

 Event  Date  Segment  Location
 IPPE  28-30 January  Feed and meat   Atlanta, USA
 Grain Network Meeting  25-27 March  Grain  Riga, Latvia
 Analytica  31 March-3 April   Lab  Munich, Germany 
 IDF Analytical Week  6-9 April  Dairy  Beijing, China
 SiteVinitech  27-29 May  Wine   Mendoza, Argentina
 ICAR  8-12 June  RMT  Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
 NIR Forum Europe  15-17 September  NIR  Hillerød, Denmark
 World Dairy Summit  28 September-1 October  Dairy  Cape Town, South Africa
 FoodTech  29 September-1 October  Dairy  Herning, Denmark
 Dairy Symposium  TBD  Dairy  Hillerød, Denmark
 EuroTier  17-20 November  Feed  Hannover, Germany 
 World Bulk Wine  December  Wine  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Vinitech-Sifel  1-3 December  Wine & Beverage  Bordeaux, France