Nomination criteria

Nils Foss Excellence Prize
The award winner is an active and internationally recognized scientist who has shown at least 10 years world class innovative research leading to remarkable improvements in sustainability, quality or safety in the food supply chain.

The research areas are food, feed and agricultural science, applied science and/or analytical technologies within this sector. The research has led to remarkable results through innovative application of analytical technologies. It is seen as an advantage if the scientist has shown entrepreneurship in the application of the research.
Nils Foss Exellence Prizes
Nils foss talent prize

Nomination criteria

Nils Foss Talent Prize
The award winner is young, talented and promising scientist who has made significant contribution to the application of technology to improve the sustainable use of agricultural resources and/or ensuring food quality and safety.
The scientist has a maximum of five years research after completion of a Master/PhD and has shown an innovative approach and has the potential to make ground breaking research.
Nomination Process

The Prize Committee invite for proposals.

Nominations are proposed here (Excellence Prize) or here (Talent Prize).

The completed nomination scheme (max 2 pages) is forwarded to with attached CV (max. 2 pages).

Deadline for proposals June 30th, 2017.

The proposals for nomination must be confirmed by the respective Prize Committee members.

Selection of the final nominees (3-5 for each prize) by the Prize Committee – the final nominees are informed by the Chairman of the Prize Committee.

Selection of the prize winners by the Prize Committee and to be confirmed by the CEO of FOSS.

Nils Foss Excellence Prize award ceremony at FOSS, November 2017.