Mosaic networking sofware


Mosaic™ software simplifies management of instruments and performance with centralised configuration of multiple instruments.

Mosaic networking sofware
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Instruments keep running while configuration changes are being prepared. Data produced by each connected instrument is available in the office for inspection, reporting and export. Data can be communicated from Mosaic™ to other data management systems.
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Analyse the performance of all connected instruments via built-in reports, search and filter options and data export capabilities.
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Access parameter data for statistics, slope/intercept adjustment and calibration development

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Why instrument networking? What is the value of Mosaic™ in CMT?

The introduction of Mosaic™ networking software at raw milk testing laboratory MilkTestNZ reveals the many advantages of getting connected. Read more
Mosaic networking sofware
Mosaic networking sofware

What’s the advantage of Mosaic compared to standard remote control tools?

This article explains the differences between standard software tools for remote connection and the Mosaic™ instrument networking system. Read more

Mosaic's Main Features

•  Register new instrument in Mosaic™
•  Organise instruments into networks, instrument types and instrument groups
•  Management of instrument settings
•  Configuration of products - for analysis of various types of samples on the connected instruments – this includes product limits
•  Management of prediction models (calibrations) including upgrade and settings
•  Management of calculated prediction models and other special prediction model types
  Management of operation settings
  Management of user defined fields – used for customized sample registration
  Management of feature and prediction model licenses
•  Management of instrument software packages
  Publishing of new configurations for connected instruments
  Management of reference data in sample sets
  Multi-instrument multi-parameter slope/intercept adjustment
Data inspection
Inspection of data from instruments: samples, batches, events, log files, diagnostics
Inspection of sample details: sub-samples, raw data, audit-trails
Filtering and sorting of instrument data
Graphical visualization of sample data
Export of samples into various formats e.g. xlsx, csv, xml
Reporting – specialized and generic reports according instrument type
Management of static sample sets containing samples of historical interest
Management of dynamic sample sets providing one-click quick search for sample data
Interface to external systems
Mosaic provides interfaces that allow Mosaic™ and third party systems to exchange data online.
User access system
Automated database cleanup
Help system




White Paper: What can networking do for you?

White Paper: What can networking do for you?

NIR - The Power of Centralisation WhitePaper Frontpage
This White Paper discusses the advantages of instrument networking, allowing multiple feed analysis instruments to be connected in order to save time and significantly reduce costs.

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