FossAssure™ Calibration (Monitoring)

FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring

FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring is a service designed to reduce product waste, secure brand protection and increase profitability by ensuring the quality and precision of your analytical results. Besides, FossAssure services will also improve instrument uptime and reduce production costs by optimising the operation and the performance of your instruments.

FossAssure™ Calibration (Monitoring)
FossAssure Calibration Monitoring Verify


Verify your instruments deliver consistent and reliable results via monthly calibration validation reports created by your FOSS Expert
FossAssure Calibration Monitoring Improve


Improve your analytical performance by periodically receiving expert guidance based on remote instrument monitoring
FossAssure Calibration Monitoring Ensure


Ensure your instruments are operated in compliance with standard operating procedures

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  • FossAssure Calibration remote FossAssure Calibration remote

    Remote monitoring

    FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring provides you with a clear overview of your calibrations together with some recommended actions.
  • FossAssure Calibration report FossAssure Calibration report

    Calibrations report

    Based on your reference chemistry, FOSS validates the calibration performance of your instruments on a monthly basis in compliance with official standards.
  • FossAssure Calibration FossAssure Calibration

    Guidance email from your local FOSS expert

    FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring will send you an e-mail that includes your calibrations’ status, comments, and a link to the full report.

Instruments currently supported by FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring

The FossAssure™ Calibration Monitoring service is currently available for the following range of instruments: NIRS™ DS 2500/DA 1650, Olivia™, MilkoScan™ FT1, MilkoScan™ FT2 and MilkoScan™ Mars.

More instruments are gradually being added to this service. 

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