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FoodScan™ Meat Analyser

FoodScan™ Meat Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing all stages of meat production - from checking incoming raw material to final product control with results in just 50 seconds.

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FoodScan Pro meat analyser
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The gold standard in meat analysis. Approved method. Readymade global calibrations.
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Sample type

Any type of ground or homogenized meat sample.
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Fat, moisture, protein, collagen, salt, water activity and ash. + other parameters such as starch, pH, carbohydrates, etc. when special calibrations are developed.

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“If you get the product right, then the product will go out correctly to our customer”

Production Retail Director, David Redman from Dovecote Park explains the benefit of using FOSS meat solutions for integrated quality control of meat products.


  • Raw sausages Raw sausages

    Multiple sample types covered in one calibration

    Raw materials:

    Beef, pork, lamb, mutton, chicken and turkey


    Filling materials:

    For example fillings for sausage, mortadella, baloney


    Cooked, cured finished products:

    Examples: sausages (incl. Poultry and turkey), dry sausages, salami, ground beef, pork patties, cured ham cooked meat, liver sausages, luncheon meat, liver patés

  • AOAC International AOAC International

    First approved rapid method

    FoodScan™ is the only near infrared (NIR) analyser that is AOAC approved. This is valuable for any laboratory and others required to use officially approved methods. FoodScan™ is also approved by The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and Polska Norma in Poland.
  • FoodScan Pro FoodScan Pro

    FoodScan Pro – At-line version

    Designed for harsh production areas
    Embedded PC with touch screen
    The cabinet is waterproof (IP65)
  • FossConnect FossConnect


    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution for FoodScan™ that helps you reduce your production costs and secure the quality of your products. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.

The only AOAC approved NIR solution for meat analysis

FoodScan™ is the only NIR meat analyser that has achieved an AOAC approval. The FoodScan™ was approved in 2007 for fat, protein and moisture analysis making it the industry gold standard for meat analysis. 

Read more about the approval in the AOAC article.
Download article
AOAC International

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Technical specification

Performance data
Measuring range 850 – 1050 nm
Wavelength accuracy < 0.5 nm
Wavelength precision < 0.01 nm
Instrument data  
Dimensions (H x W x D)

45 x 42 x 62 cm

(FoodScan Pro: 75 x 42 x 62 cm)

Space requirements Approx. 1 m working space in front of the instrument
Weight, operating

37 kg

(FoodScan Pro: 56 kg)

Power supply 100 – 240 VAC +/- 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Fuse 2.0 A-m
Installation category
Power consumption
Max 175 VA
Ambient temperature
5 – 35 °C
Ambient humidity

80% RH

(FoodScan Pro: 93% RH)

Degree of protection

IP 20

(FoodScan Pro: IP 65)

Pollution degree 2
Noise level
< 70 dB(A)
FoodScan is covered by the following patents:

Country Patent number 

US US 4, 944, 589

SE SE 459767B

EP, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT EP 320477

DE DE 3887664


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Edeaka Fleisch_logo
Danish Crown
Vion Food Group
Wilhelm Branden

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