Managing multiple small-volume vintages with Fourier Transform Infrared analysis

Managing multiple small-volume vintages with Fourier Transform Infrared analysis
By Richard Mills,
From the archives (2011). Fast wine analysis supports traditional methods of producing high-quality cuvées.

Château Fuissé is a family owned winery making quality wines according to the burgundy philosophy of respect for terroir and vinification adapted to individual parcels of land. Antoine Vincent is the fifth generation winemaker and while he retains a traditional approach, he is also open to the possibilities offered by new technology.


The winery had been looking for a simple and rapid way to analyse several parameters of wine for some time and found a solution in the form of a FOSS OenoFoss™ analyser. Using Fourier Transform Infrared technology, the handy instruments provides measurements for key quality parameters within a minute. "We manage about fifty different vintages from small volumes and previously we have tried to limit the number of analyses to keep costs down but with an inevitable effect on the precision in the process," said Vincent. "We chose FOSS for their experience in analysis and because the solution offered the best option to follow my cuvées."


The analyser helps with decision-making through­out the entire winemaking process. The rapid analysis is also a time-saver for grape growers who can now monitor maturity-levels more closely in a targeted way. While the Oenofoss provides on the spot information, the local wine laboratory still has an important role to play: "We work in close partnership with our laboratory (LBBO) in order to react when necessary," Vincent adds. 


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Winemakers discover the value of rapid analysis 
Launched in 2009, the OenoFoss analyser provides analysis data for key quality control parameters in a few seconds and from just a few drops of a sample. Over 300 units are now in use in all major wine regions and users report a number of advantages over traditional analytical methods. More case stories about the use of rotine analysis with OenoFoss can be found on the FOSS website such as this one explaining how even a super league winery can benefit from the handy wine analyser taking up no more bench space than a shoebox. 


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