Dumas and the digital lab

4. Dec, 2018
Automation and digital connectivity are changing many aspects of our lives with reference testing in the laboratory no exception. Here is a selection of videos on key aspects of automated Dumas analysis.

The FOSS Dumatec is helping laboratories to free up lab resources through automation while new connectivity options are opening up a raft of possibilities for more effective data-sharing and better technical support.

Automated and connected

In this video report, automated nitrogen testing of fertiliser products free’s-up laboratory resources for a major fertiliser provider. The Dumatec instrument allows samples to be loaded up for batch processing. At the same time, the instrument can be connected up to a network to share result data and allow access to remote support staff for highly efficient service.

Sharing reference data for NIR calibration

Another aspect of the connectivity available with Dumatec is the ability to manage reference test data for NIR calibration faster and more cost effectively. This video animation shows how a Dumas (Nitrogen) analysis instrument can be connected to a network so that data can be accessed and managed from anywhere. Not only, does it save time, it also cuts the risk of human error by avoiding manual data entry.

Three minute Dumas

While Dumatec allows batch processing of samples, it can also urgent individual tests on the fly. Instantaneous analysis of all nitrogen resulting from the test procedure gives reliable Dumas measurements within three minutes. Urgent new samples can be added to the autosampler while a batch is in process. See how it works in this video.