Automated Dumas testing of nitrogen in fertiliser with the FOSS Dumatec™

4. Dec, 2018
Automated nitrogen testing of fertiliser products free’s-up laboratory resources for a major fertiliser provider. The FOSS Dumatec™ instrument allows samples to be loaded up for batch processing. At the same time, the instrument can be connected up to a network to share result data and allow access to remote support staff for highly efficient service.
We visited Tradecorp in Spain to talk to them about automated nitrogen testing.
The whole interview can be seen in the video, or read it below in our transcription.

Why did you invest in a FOSS Dumatec instrument?
Jorge Barbero Roucet: The main reason for buying the equipment was to gain autonomy, because with the previous equipment we took a long time to make checks for manufacturing. Right now with this equipment, we've reduced the reaction time and preparation of samples is much simpler. The cost of an analyst is related to the equipment available. Thanks to this equipment we can spend time on other tasks. The investment has paid off with the positive aspects that can be obtained from it.

Alberto Presa Serrano: Originally we tested it for three months and we took that opportunity to test all the sample types we have in our catalogue. We finally saw that for all of them, whether organic organomineral or inorganic, the result was good. This was what made us decide to buy the equipment. The reason for using Dumatec is because we'd known the technology for years, and we knew about its speed and precison.

What benefits did you get from investing in a Dumatec?
Jorge: The total nitrogen content of samples of products in production is very important for us. We need to know the percentage of total nitrogen this represents, since it is a requirement at legislative and client level to know this information. Each week we test approximately 50 samples, and since the equipment doesn't require a person to be standing physically next to the instrument, we can place samples in the instrument and it can test while we deal with other things.

Alberto: If necessary, it is possible to find out the results of tests when away from the factory, if you are travelling or you are located at another site, because you can find out the results of certain samples you really need to know. Apart from that, from our point of view, another very important point is that this software guides the technical service. When they arrive, they already know exactly what needs to be done or what part is required. It saves significant time in technical support. If equipment is stopped, we cannot check the quality of our products. FOSS has given us a fast service when we've have had an issue, and that's also one of the factors why we chose FOSS. For the quality and speed of its technical service, and sound performance of all technicians.

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