FOSS terminates contract with Russian software consultancy group


As a consequence of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, FOSS has decided to suspend all deliveries to Russia (as of 28 February 2022) and to Belarus (as of 4 March 2022). Today, Friday 4 March 2022, this decision is followed by the instant termination of FOSS’ contract with the external Russian software consultancy group, LANIT.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic events following the invasion of the Ukraine. We have beloved employees from both the Ukraine and Russia, and we can’t imagine how it must be to suddenly have friends and family affected by this horrible war. We have had a productive collaboration with the software consultants from LANIT for more than 15 years and are sad to see the end of our collaboration with every single one of them. But given the situation and the sanctions on Russia, we simply can’t see how this collaboration could possibly continue.”, says Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO at FOSS.

FOSS Software Services will consolidate and continue its work internally within the organisation in the future.

FOSS donates DKK 1,000,000 to humanitarian support for the many Ukrainian refugees
Close to one million men, women, and children have fled the Ukraine over the past week. Most of them are rushing away from the war, leaving almost everything they own behind. This crisis has created a massive need for urgent humanitarian support to the many refugees, especially in the neighboring country of Poland, to where more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees have escaped.
This affects us all deeply and especially touches a lot of our employees who have colleagues, family, and friends from the Ukraine who are feeling the terrors of the Russian invasion. We have therefore reached out to our colleagues in Warsaw and, based on their input as well as on input from the Red Cross, we have decided to channel a donation of DKK 1,000,000 via the Polish Red Cross. They are making a huge positive humanitarian effort and impact on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

“We would also like to state that if some of the many Ukrainian refugees end up in Hillerød, FOSS will be glad and ready to welcome them with jobs”, Kim Vejlby Hansen concludes.

Benjamin Rugholm
Head of External Communications & PR
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