Instant knowledge offers a more agile approach to winemaking

FOSS announces OenoFoss™ Go

OenoFoss Go
4. Dec, 2019
FOSS announces OenoFoss™ Go, a new must and wine analyser providing key information on eight essential quality parameters for better decision-making throughout the entire winemaking process.

Traditional analysis involves various items of analysis equipment and takes time, for instance, it can take around 20 minutes to measure a single quality parameter. Oenofoss™ Go delivers results within three minutes at the touch of a button. The virtually instant availability of test data allows winemaker to adopt a more agile approach as they navigate the common challenges of today’s wine industry landscape including extreme weather, more difficult growing conditions and, not least, increasing commercial competition. OenoFoss Go is not meant to replace the value of accredited labs but supports the winemaker in the daily operations. 


‘Out of the box’ wine lab that is easy to run

FOSS wine analysis instruments were introduced to the wine industry in 1998 and FOSS quickly became a leading force in quality control. OenoFoss™ Go is built on the same FTIR technology that has become both well-known and trusted in the larger WineScan™ units, but now packaged in a compact and lean version, making it accessible to any size of wine production.  

The OenoFoss™ Go concept is aimed at empowering users to own and run their instrument without need for specialist support. Getting started is simple with an easy-to-follow introduction programme. Tests are performed at the push of a button and routine “clean” programs are easy to select and run for optimal functionality over time.

Lasting payback through more agile approach

Running costs are predictable with remote service options and there is no extra cost per test. The more the analyser is used, the lower the cost-per-sample and the more valuable knowledge winemakers can gain. 


The speed and convenience of tests opens the door to more progressive winemaking, for instance, by making it easier to follow more vintages more closely. Other examples include the ability to assess grape maturity-levels precisely, assurance about completion of fermentation pre- bottling and the ability track fermentation with rapid test information whenever it is required. 


Sample types and parameters 

OenoFoss™ Go can be used to test finished wine and grape must. 
Finished wine: Ethanol, glucose/fructose, malic acid, total acidity (pH 7 or 8.2), volatile acidity
Grape must: Brix, malic acid, total acidity (pH 7 or 8.2), yeast assimilable nitrogen.

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