Animal welfare and health, digitalisation and innovation were key words at IPPE 2022

The international feed industry once again gathered in Atlanta for the annual IPPE convention to hear more about the latest innovations and share insights with their business partners. And FOSS was naturally part of the scene.


TECHTalks highlights industry trends and advancements in research
Throughout the duration of IPPE, numerous TECHTalks and strategy presentations outlined recent trends and challenges in the feed industry. Global feed production increased more than 2% in 2021 according to Alltech’s 2021 Global Feed Survey, and new consumer trends, innovations in animal health and push for continuous efficiency gains present increasing demands and opportunities for the industry.


Consumers are increasingly focusing on sustainability and food safety and require products that are safe and free from mycotoxins, antibiotics and other residues. IRI, a global leader in big data and analytics, presented how growth of poultry sale in the US is driven entirely by new subcategories like organic or natural products with labels such as “no-antibiotics-ever”.


In a response to ensure optimal animal welfare, suppliers of feed additives, universities and feed producers are looking to new and improved additives and nutritional technologies to help optimise animal health and productivity. One example is Amlan International that outlined how naturally occurring minerals and other substances can improve health and productivity in poultry – also using less or no antibiotics. 


Research on the use of novel raw materials was also presented. As documented by the University of Guelph, the company Triple A has developed processed soy meal product with higher levels of digestible protein and lower levels of antinutritional factors, which especially for piglets is important in improving animal wellbeing and ensuring faster growth.


And within the area of increasing productivity, several speakers highlighted how digitalisation and industry 4.0 principles can be used to optimise performance across the entire value chain of both feed and animal production while outlining some of the major challenges associated in doing so. Challenges that we in FOSS collaborate with our customers in overcoming through digital, analytical solutions for data-driven decision-making.

Innovations and new products
Being the industry flagship event, IPPE attracts a large number of companies exhibiting their latest developments – and this year was no exception. The many visitors were able to meet more than a thousand companies demonstrating and presenting new solutions across more than 500,000 square feet of exhibition space.




Connected feed control with networked solutions
As an industry leader in analytical solutions for the food and agriculture industries, FOSS was naturally also present at IPPE. With key themes such as food and feed safety, connectivity and automation, FOSS presented several new innovations, including MycoFoss™, NIRS™ DS3 and ProFoss™ 2. MycoFoss is the first-ever solution to combine speed and automation in mycotoxin analyses, making it possible to obtain more accurate and consistent results in short time. The DS3 is the latest version NIR analyser, making fast and advanced feed and pet food analyses available for everyone, and with ProFoss 2, feed and pet food producers can obtain real-time information on several quality parameters to optimise processes across the production plant.


What our solutions have in common is that they offer innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges through support for ingredients control, improved food safety and consistent quality. We enable our customers to optimise their production processes for a better, more sustainable business through innovation. Themes that were very much in focus among the participants at IPPE.


Many visitors came to the FOSS booth for interesting conversations on how these innovative solutions can be implemented for improved quality control and savings in production – we are already looking forward to next year’s IPPE!

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