Full confidence in dairy powder analysis

The latest in a long line of groundbreaking analytical solutions, the NIRS™ DS3 combines proven instrument performance with the latest benefits of digital technology to improve efficiency, uptime and confidence in analytical operations. Learn how you can benefit from upgrading to new NIR.


It’s easier than you think to reap the benefits of modern analytical technology. For dairy powder producers still relying on their old NIR analysers, the prospect of upgrading to a modern analytical solution may seem unnecessary or too complicated. But the fact is that modern analysers have developed significantly in recent years providing benefits such as instrument connectivity, remote support and improved analytical performance.


Check out your benefits of upgrading to new NIR

Check out the many benefits of replacing your old InfraXact™ analyzer with a brand new NIRS™ DS3 providing full confidence in your dairy powder analysis:


Save time on daily operations

With the NIRS DS3 has a faster scanning speed, enabling you to analyze more samples in less time, making it a more efficient tool for your milk powder production.

The modern software included in the NIRS DS3 makes it easy to optimize your workflow for more cost and time-effective operations. Reduce operator time and increase instrument uptime with features such as Smart Start, Automated Sample Transfer and Sample Matching Service.


Get consistently high performance

Advanced technology and algorithms provide more accurate and reliable results. This is especially useful in dairy production, where precise measurements are critical. At the same time, an increased wavelength range of 400-2500 nm means that the NIRS DS3 can offer a wider range of sample parameter types, such as fat, ash, lactose, acidity and more, with a superior level of accuracy.

The NIRS DS3 is factory standardized to ensure that all instruments deliver identical analytical performance. Combined with internal diagnostics, this ensures a consistently high performance over time and between instruments. Full calibration transferability with no need to standardize individual instruments.


Improve raw material management

Take advantage of FOSS Artificial Neural Network calibrations with improved analytical performance, giving you full confidence in your analysis results. FOSS ANN calibrations are ready-to-use and can help you improve raw material management and optimize production to save cost.


Ensure high uptime

Thanks to a robust instrument design with built-in trouble shooting guides, simplified maintenance operations and advanced diagnostics functions, the NIRS DS3 helps to ensure high uptime with reduced instrument maintenance work.


Improve your data management

NIRS DS3 comes with an intuitive software package for data collection and management that allows for more efficient management of your instrument performance and analysis data. This is important when dealing with large volumes of production data. 


Ensure future-proof operations

The NIRS DS3 is the latest generation of infrared spectrometers offering more advanced features and capabilities. Upgrading to the NIRS DS3 can help future-proof your production capabilities, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.


Overall, upgrading to a NIRS DS3 can provide significant benefits in terms of accuracy, data management, versatility, speed. NIRS DS3 is fully compatible with all FOSS digital services giving you multiple opportunities to safeguard your analytical performance and manage your fleet of instruments more efficiently.

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