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Guides, whitepapers and e-books explore the potential of analytical solutions

The sustainable dairy guide 

Three key ways to integrate sustainable goals into your milk production

All about screening for milk adulteration 

Free guide explains why screening is crucial and how modern technology makes the screening concept accessible to any business

Simultaneous testing of color and composition in food 

Whitepaper explores the technology behind objective measurement of color in food samples such as meat and cheese

Case stories help you to cash-in with new analytical opportunities 


DSCC testing provides added value for Estonian farmers

Estonian Livestock Performance Recording Ltd (EPJ) explains how the introduction of the Differential Somatic Cell Count (DSCC) parameter has provided added value for Estonian farmers to improve udder health management...

Milk samples

Inside the modern milk testing laboratory

Based in the heart of England, the Cattle Information Service is making the most of latest technology to give UK dairy farmers an edge in the quest to improve animal health and output....

Milk bottles on the line

Milk quality testing improves the shelf life of dairy products

A new raw milk hygiene test improves selection of incoming milk for optimal shelf-life of dairy products at Müller Milk and Ingredients, UK. We take a look at how this new method compares to other methods and how it works alongside other rapid test methods for more efficient dairy production....

Technology overviews provide essential background for decision makers 

Knowledge top soil in hand

Plant-based testing. It’s all about building up a knowledge database

Dairy Insights: A new podcast episode explores how to handle the testing challenges related to plant-based products, as more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio....

Vibrational spectroscopy explained

Per Waaben Hansen, Fellow data scientist at FOSS and Affiliated Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen covers the principles of infrared analysis...

Wine sample

A short intro to FTIR analysis

This powerful analytical technology is well worth knowing about, particularly if you are interested in testing liquid food and agri samples such as milk and wine...

Industry interviews capture the experiences of analytical technology users


Better mastitis control with the new Udder Health Tool

One of the major problems related to the spread and persistence of mastitis within dairy herds is the sub-clinical form which is hard to detect with Somatic Cell Count (SCC) alone. ...

Analysis of Greek yoghurt in the laboratory with the use of Bacsomatic

Milk freshness is the key to great Greek yoghurt

The sophisticated quality control at Kri Kri dairy Greece starts with a thorough check of raw milk hygiene quality as it arrives from the dairy farm. Learn how FOSS products play a key role in production of ice cream and yoghurt....

Milk samples on line

Milk sample automated testing improves laboratory service

Automated operations help a leading milk testing laboratory to keep step with evolving demands while providing a more flexible service for farmers and dairies.

Industry perspectives highlight trends, challenges and opportunities


Raw milk testing: A crucial step to improve herd health and tackle antimicrobial resistance

Improved animal health and disease management are crucial steps to tackle antimicrobial resistance and sustainability in dairy farming. FOSS solutions offer valuable data for dairy farmers to do this as a part of daily routines.....


Webinar: How to include sustainability goals in your milk production

Webinar: How to include sustainability goals in your milk production

Seafood goes plant-based

The plant-based industry is growing, and seafood made of alternative ingredients like seaweed or legumes has taken the industry with storm. Let’s look at this new market trend and some of the advantages of plant-based seafood.   

Deep dives share experience and knowledge


MicroVal approvals are good news for global milk quality and productivity

A MicroVal approval provides full confidence that your instrument results comply with official standards. The recent renewals mark a milestone in more than 40 years of history within analytical technology development at FOSS....


Cell composition analysis of milk enables better udder health management

The total somatic cell count in milk is a confirmed method in mastitis and overall udder health management of dairy cows around the world. Now we can add another dimension to this. By looking at the composition of the different cells in milk, we add valuable new information to the udder health management toolbox....

Optimize your milk standardization webinar

Learn how you can bring your final products closer to target, reduce the loss of expensive raw materials and increase profit with in-line analysis for milk standardization...

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