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Case stories help you to cash-in with new analytical opportunities

Knowledge Broger Sausages

Standardization of meat quality analysis boosts production in Austria

Metzgerei Broger has invested in the MeatMaster™ II solution that has greatly improved the level of control in the pork sausage production. The raw materials for sausage operation are scanned and standardized with the MeatMaster to ensure that all products meet the highest product standards....

MeatMaster II 

MeatMaster II at Birchwood Foods, USA

See the MeatMaster in action and learn how Birchwood Foods are taking advantage of high-accuracy fat analysis to improve production economy...

X-ray fat analysis test saves money and boosts quality for Gourmet Fein

See how X-ray analysis is used in cutting and de-boning for standardisation of raw pork materials giving savings of around 700 Euros per day and an estimated payback time of less than 18 months.....

Technology overviews provide essential background for decision makers 

cutting salmon 

NIR technology for fish processing analysis

New developments in the NIR technology are providing a wealth of opportunities. We have been speaking with Iberian Sales Manager, Diego Calvari, about business opportunities and needs for analytical solutions within the seafood production industry....

Fish analysis 

New meatmaster II applications for pork belly sorting and after grinder fat analysis

An animated guide to using in-line X-ray for rapid and objective sorting of pork bellies on the production line....

Meat analysis 

Q and A on X-ray for fat analysis of meat

X-ray is a proven concept for fat analysis of meat, but is it safe, what exactly can I measure and will it slow down my production? In Focus, asked FOSS product specialist, Jens Borg to give some direction on some commonly-asked questions about the MeatMaster™ II X-ray fat analyser....

Industry interviews capture the experiences of analytical technology users

Terre Ducali_1200x600 

Balancing innovation and tradition in modern meat production

To become a market leader, modern meat producers need to balance tradition and innovation by combining the ancient art with new technologies and consumer needs. We asked Terre Ducali that is specialized in producing typical Parma salamis, how they use modern analytical solutions when producing their world-famous Italian products....


Standardised fat content makes dried sausage production predictable

The Clai cooperative in Bologna, Italy is using a MeatMaster X-ray analyser to standardize fat content in dried sausage products for consistent quality and a more predictable and cost-effective drying process. “Standardising the fat content also standardises the drying phase. We can save weight loss and we can reduce the ripening phase," says Rudy Magnani, Plant Manager, Clai...


Perfect pet food with networked NIR analysis

Real Pet Food Company is a global company with a passion for delivering diversity and range within pet food including dry, wet, fresh, chilled and treats. With product innovation at the heart of the business, there are plenty of things to make life interesting for production and quality controllers including a wide range of ingredients selected with nutrition, texture and flavour top-of-mind....

Industry perspectives highlight trends, challenges and opportunities

Plant-based food 

What does the plant-based future look like?

We have looked at the evolution of plant-based ingredients and spoken with our in-house specialist, Mette Skau Mikkelsen, about the newest plant-based trends and the need for analytical solutions in the industry to create top quality plant-based food products....


The pros and cons of insects as an alternative protein source in feed

Insects as an alternative protein source is a hot topic due to increasing focus on sustainable production and challenged supply chains. We take a look at some of the practical considerations for the feed industry...

Sea Weed 

Seafood goes plant-based

The plant-based industry is growing, and seafood made of alternative ingredients like seaweed or legumes has taken the industry with storm. Let’s look at this new market trend and some of the advantages of plant-based seafood....

Deep dives share experience and knowledge

Knowledge top soil in hand

Plant-based testing. It’s all about building up a knowledge database

Dairy Insights: A new podcast episode explores how to handle the testing challenges related to plant-based products, as more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio...

per waaben

Vibrational spectroscopy explained

Per Waaben Hansen, Fellow data scientist at FOSS and Affiliated Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen covers the principles of infrared analysis...

Meat on line

X-ray technology for routine analysis of fat in meat

X-ray analysis is well known from medical applications and security scanners at the airport, but perhaps not so well known in food production...

Guides, whitepapers and e-books explore the potential of analytical solutions

The sustainable dairy guide 

Three key ways to integrate sustainable goals into your milk production

All about screening for milk adulteration 

Free guide explains why screening is crucial and how modern technology makes the screening concept accessible to any business

Simultaneous testing of color and composition in food 

Whitepaper explores the technology behind objective measurement of color in food samples such as meat and cheese

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