Making the most of connectivity to manage multiple analytical instruments

22. Apr, 2021
As demand for high quality food products grows in step with an expanding global middle class population, analytical instruments are proving ever-important in maintaining the supply of high quality food.
As anyone in the food industry who has had to look after a number of instruments will testify, keeping them all in check and up to date, especially across different geographic locations, can be a time-consuming task. Connectivity options provide a timely answer quite literally at the click of a mouse button with the ability to check and manage multiple instruments from a desktop. New connectivity is already saving thousands of man-hours, not to mention flight tickets and CO2 emissions. 

Based on examples from the grain and milling industry where it is common to have multiple grain analysers connected in networks, we have looked into the value of allowing a network manager to remotely monitor and manage a fleet of instruments to ensure that they are all running just right. 

Read more in our free eBook on making the most of connectivity with a special focus on how connectivity is helping to improve analytical operations. While the examples in the eBook are based on specific cases from the grain industry, the learnings are relevant for any modern food producer maintaining multiple instruments.