The latest in a long line of groundbreaking analytical solutions, the NIRS™ DS3 combines proven instrument performance with the latest benefits of digital technology to improve efficiency, uptime and confidence in analytical operations. Learn about the specific gains to be made when upgrading to the latest generation of NIR.


Save time on daily operations

The modern software included in the NIRS™ DS3 enables you to optimise your workflow for more cost and time-effective operations. Reduce operator time and increase instrument uptime with features such as Smart Start, Automated Sample Transfer and Sample Matching Service.


Improve raw material management

Take advantage of FOSS Artificial Neural Network calibrations with improved analytical performance, giving you full confidence in your analysis results. FOSS ANN calibrations are ready-to-use and can help you improve raw material management and optimise production to save cost.


Ensure high uptime

Thanks to a robust instrument design with built-in trouble shooting guides, simplified maintenance operations and advanced diagnostics functions, the NIRS DS3 helps to ensure high uptime with reduced instrument maintenance work.


Seamless transfer of calibrations

Full calibration transfer without any changes in performance is ensured when you upgrade from a NIRS DS2500 to a NIRS DS3.


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