Cocoa processing

Cocoa processing

Cocoa processing

We know that producing cocoa mass closer to sales specifications can amount to annual savings of up to €250,000.

Where can you analyse

  • Raw material control

    Ensure quality of raw materials with analysis on nibs
  • Cocoa Processing

    Process control

    Optimise separation of shells and nibs 
    Control quality of nibs before milling
    Standardise cocoa mass quality
    Control pressing of cocoa mass
  • Final product control

    Ensure that products are within specification
    Secure brand protection

Are you ready to explore how much you can save in your production by switching to NIR?

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“The whole idea really is to use NIR as a rapid screening technique to assess quality of beans … so that we can assign a quality grade very quickly”

Dr. Darin Sukha from the Cocoa Research Centre, University of West Indies explains the value of NIR as a tool in cocoa research.

NIRS™ DS2500

Exceptional accuracy for analysis of nibs, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Get full control of your cocoa bean processing. Ensure the quality of incoming raw materials, optimise your production process and check final product quality.
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In-line analysis for accurate, real-time monitoring of cocoa bean processing.  


The ProFoss™ in-line cocoa solution offers continuous monitoring of parameters like moisture and fat in production of cocoa mass. 

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