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Technical specification

Products measured and product presentation
Products Natural raw meat, fresh or frozen
Properties Fat, weight and foreign object detection
Meat applications Placed in plastic trays (without PVC) or cartons or directly on the conveyor
Measuring range 2 to 85% fat
Product temperature -20 to 35 ˚C
Product presentation

Average height of the meat: between 5 and 20 cm
Max. width of boxed meat/meat loose on the conveyor: 45 cm
Min. distance between trays and cartons: 5 cm

Capacity Up to 38 tons/hour depending on application
  • Fat content is measured at an accuracy of 1% or better (accuarcy on 20 kg sample)
  • Weight is measured at an accuracy down to 1% relative or better
  • Metal is detected down to 3 mm
  • Bone, glass and other foreign objects is deteced down to 9 to 10 mm

H x W x D : 2,37 x 2,50 x 1,22 m (94,8 x 100 x 48,8 inches) and requires
W x D : 2,50 x 2,20 m (100 x 88,8 inches)

Standards and approvals

MeatMasterTM is CE labelled and complies with the following directives.

  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive 2004/108/EEC
  • LVD (Low voltage directive) 2006/95/EEC
  • MD (Machine Directive) “006/42/EEC

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