The nominees for the Nils Foss Excellence Prize and Talent Prize 2018

We’re proud to present the shortlist for the Nils Foss Excellence Prize and the Nils Foss Talent Prize 2018. Meet this year’s nominees here

The nominees for the Nils Foss Excellence prize


Alejandro Cifuentes Gallego
Research Professor, Head of Foodomics Laboratory at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL)


Alejandro Cifuentes Gallego defined the new field of Foodomics back in 2009, as a discipline that studies the domains of Food and Nutrition through application and integration of advanced -omics technologies. The Foodomics research includes development of advanced analytical methods, including transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, but also deal with the overall themes of food quality and safety, as well as isolation and characterization of natural bioactive compounds and their effect on human health.


Dolores Corella Piquer
Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Valencia



Dolores Corella Piquer has contributed extensively to the field of nutrigenomics in recent years, both at the level of academic publications and with the application of results in the form of patents. Nutrigenomics is fast on track to becoming a key tool in the development of healthy new diets and functional foods, but it requires new approaches that provide information about the response of the individual to specific foods. Dr. Corella has applied nutrigenomics as a tool to carry out this type of studies, showing innovative application of analytical technologies.



Robert David Hall
Professor of Plant Metabolomics, Laboratory of Plant Physiology, at Wageningen University


Robert David Hall is a pioneer in developing and establishing metabolomics technologies as a viable approach to study the metabolic profiles of plants, with a particular emphasis on crop species. The aim of the research is to provide us with a better understanding of the biochemical composition of plant and food materials; how this is influenced by genetic and environmental perturbation and especially, how these changes are related to aspects of food quality. For more than 20 years, Robert David Hall has worked on developing and applying analytical technologies, which can help design new strategies for the development of improved food products.






The nominees for the Nils Foss Talent Prize


Jafar Safaa Noori
PhD, department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark



Jafar Safaa Noori has made significant research and innovation contributions solving for the problem of chemical contamination in agriculture and food. The aim of both research and entrepreneurial activities is to improve the sustainable use of agricultural resources and ensuring safe food and water quality, through nanotechnology and online pesticide monitoring.



Qian Janice Wang
Assistant professor, department of Food Science at Aarhus University



Qian Janice Wang takes an interdisciplinary approach to innovative multisensory food research, studying the role of the brain flavour system, and strategies to nudge people towards better food qualities and healthier eating behaviours. Drawing on experimental psychology, and neuro- and sensory science, the overarching vision is to move towards developing ‘a theoretical model of human multisensory flavour perception’ for food quality assessment.



Klavs Martin Sørensen

Klavs Martin Sørensen
Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, Chemometrics and Analytical Technology at University of Copenhagen



Klavs Martin Møller specialises in on-line analysis and analysis automation, and holds a PhD in process analytical technology and on-line spectroscopic measurements of chemical meat quality. Starting his career in the private sector, Klavs possesses extensive knowledge of applied solutions, and brings with him a talent for innovative thinking, which has already lead to significant advances in the industry, within technologies such as ultrasonic imaging, multi-wavelength spectroscopic imaging systems, and applications of Raman and near-infrared spectroscopy.


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