Culture and values

FOSS is a company with a clear business idea and purpose, but also strong values.

The vision of FOSS is to promote a more sustainable use of increasingly valuable agricultural resources. This is more relevant today than ever.

In a world with a growing population and declining natural resources, there is an ever-increasing demand for safer food, more efficient production and less food waste. In order to meet these demands, we need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as over the last 8,000 years. On a global level, this is a huge challenge that requires that we become better at utilising available resources to minimise waste while ensuring quality and safety.

The vision of FOSS is to promote a more sustainable use of increasingly valuable agricultural resources. This is more relevant today than ever. 

Working at FOSS, you will take part in the development of innovative, digital and analytical solutions to help food and agricultural producers work more effectively, and to turn a healthy profit by reducing waste and optimising quality.
By joining FOSS, you will become part of a company that is not only growing in revenue, but launching more new products than ever.

The FOSS Values
FOSS is a company with a clear business idea and purpose – based on shared values. Our values describe the very essence of FOSS, i.e. the purpose of our business, our core values and our fundamental attitudes towards people and doing business. This is the result of thorough discussions throughout FOSS.

The FOSS Values consist of three core values – supported and explained by a number of specific points. These three core values create value for the customers and for the FOSS employees.


  • First
    because being first is motivating and rewarding

  • Customer
    because the customer is the focus of all activity in FOSS

  • People and Knowledge
    because FOSS is a company based on knowledge and employees working in collaboration

These values describe both “how we think” and “how we do things” or – in some cases – how we strive to think and to do things.

Our solutions are developed in cross-functional teams, and team work is essential to FOSS. By working in teams we integrate knowledge, experience and competences to achieve great results. We communicate in a straight-forward manner and solve challenges together.

In FOSS, we truly value that you voice your opinion, take responsibility and ownership, and the size of our company allows for independent, dynamic and fast decisions. 

If you join FOSS, we promise you that you will enter a learning environment, taking part in projects, new technologies and market opportunities. We love entrepreneurial thinking are always open to new ideas. If you have a good idea – you will be encouraged to bring it forward. 

Employee Engagement survey
In FOSS, we have a high employee satisfaction which we are very proud of. To make sure that we continue to develop as a work place every year, we carry-out a global Employee Engagement survey once a year. The survey findings are based on compiled answers gathered from managers and employees from headquarters and subsidiaries around the world. The survey focuses on satisfaction in relation to daily work tasks, relationships with immediate managers, collaboration with colleagues, physical surroundings etc.

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey is to ensure that we at FOSS, actively carry out activities that help provide the best possible workplace for FOSS employees. The survey is anonymous and conducted by an external vendor specialised in this type of study. The presented findings are turned into a concrete plan of action developed by each individual department and team, in collaboration with HR. 

We clearly see that this approach is working when employees and managers engage in their teams, carrying out activities together. 

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