NIRS™ DS3 Flour Analyser

The NIRS™ DS3 analyser helps millers to boost yield by offering unsurpassed, rapid analysis of ash in addition to reliable flour analysis for protein and moisture. Robustness coupled with groundbreaking performance in near infrared (NIR) guarantees uniquely accurate measurements by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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Unsurpassed accuracy for ash analysis. Ready to use calibrations for all key parameters. Robust and proven technology ensures reliable results.
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Sample type

Flour and grains.
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Ash, protein, moisture, wet gluten, water absorption and many more.

As a flour miller you know the impact ash can have on quality and profit. Find out how the NIRS DS3 can help.

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  • Automated sample transfer

    Automated sample transfer reduces time spent on transferring data to and from management systems 

  • Smart Start

    The Smart Start function ensures that your NIRS DS3 is ready to measure without having to wait for diagnostics. Just start the shift and start measuring.
  • FossManager™

    FossManager™ software allows instruments to be connected in a network making it easier, quicker and more reliable to manage individual or multiple instruments from a desktop located anywhere. 
  • Ready-to-use calibrations or tools to develop your own

    FOSS global ANN calibrations are built on thousands of samples from a large variety of raw materials. Alternatively, develop your own calibrations with the easy to use FossCalibrator™ tool.
  • Versatile performance

    Advanced and versatile solution for testing a range of parameters on ground or liquid material with no or very limited sample preparation.

Technical specification

Products measured and product presentation
Feature Specification
Dimensions (w x d x h) 375 x 490 x 300 mm
27 kg
Degree of protection IP 65
Measurement mode Reflectance or transflectance (for liquids)
Wavelength range
400 - 2500 nm
Silicon (400 - 1100 nm), Lead Sulphide, PbS (1100 - 2500 nm)
Optical bandwidth 8.75 ± 0.1 nm
Data resolution 0.5 nm
Number of data points


Number of subsamples Default: 7 for small cup; 8 for large cup
Self test 12 minutes (variable)
Analysis time

<1 minute for 32 scans (8 subsamples, 4 scans per subsample)

Network connections FossManager™ 
Installation requirements
Voltage supply
100-240 V AC*, frequency 50-60 Hz, Class 1, protective earth
Ambient temperature 5 - 40°C
Storage temperature
-20 to 70°C
Ambient humidity
< 93% RH
Mechanical environment
Stationary during use
EMC environment
Laboratory use, industry requirements
*Mains supply voltage fluctuations not exceeding ±10% of the rated voltage.
Optional services
Digital Services FossAssure™
Care Solutions FossCare™, SmartCare™

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