Sausage production

Sausage production

We know that improving your fat standardisation method by 0.5% can give you an annual gain of 150.000 EUR.

Where can you analyse

  • Raw material control

    Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures:


    • Supplier control
    • Improved food safety

  • Process control

    Control fat content in your mixer and move the fat content closer to target:

    • Reduce lean meat give-away
    • Consistent final products
    • Brand protection
  • Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Verification of specification
    • Brand protection

Standardised fat content makes dried sausage production predictable

The Clai cooperative in Bologna, Italy is using a MeatMaster X-ray analyser to standardize fat content in dried sausage products for consistent quality and a more predictable and cost-effective drying process. “Standardising the fat content also standardises the drying phase. We can save weight loss and we can reduce the ripening phase," says Rudy Magnani, Plant Manager, Clai.

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