Olive oil analysis

We know that getting as much oil as possible out of your olives is the key to an improved profit of up to 15.000 €.

Where can you analyse

  • Incoming olives

    Take full control of your olive quality:

    • Know the potential yield of your olives
    • Decide fair payment for incoming olives
    • Secure results with the global standard for olive oil analysis
  • Residual oil

    It pays to know the potential of your pomace after the first crush:

    • Determine residual oil in pomace
    • Valuable information about fat and moisture in olive pomace
    • Hit targets consistently without wasting valuable oil content
  • Final product control

    Final product quality control:

    • Test on the spot to avoid costly external lab testing for labelling purposes
    • No use of chemicals
    • Assess your final product to get the right price

Olivia improves yield in olive oil production

Rapid test on olive pomace empowers producer to get more from their olive deliveries

Are you ready to explore what it takes to get up and running with olive oil analysis?

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Improve pomace depletion and boost yield with rapid NIR analysis

See how a newly installed in-line NIR analyser helped olive oil producers to extract more valuable olive oil from the pomace with continuous measurement.
OliveScan 2 on the blue background


Rapid and reliable olive analysis and process control.

Olivia™ gives you rapid and reliable olive analysis in 30 seconds while quality control of incoming olives ensures fair payment.
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ProFoss™ 2 oilseed meal analyser

ProFoss™ 2 is an in-line NIR solution for efficient oilseed meal protein standardisation.

Optimise the use of raw materials, run production consistently closer to target specifications and make timely adjustments to ensure high quality final products.
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Profoss 2 for feed product picture on grey background

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