Higher yield, higher profit, higher quality with analytics in oilseed and olive processing

Meet target specifications in a cost-efficient way, get the highest possible yield and improve your oil extraction process while limiting variations in your final products.

Oil liquid

For the oilseed processing industry, the growing human population and consequently the expanding livestock sector put pressure on the utilisation of plant protein sources, such as soybean, rapeseed, sunflower and other oilseeds.

Meat production, protein meals, plant proteins for humans, vegetable oils and biofuels play a pivotal role in this supply equation.


As the industry becomes more complex, the oilseed crushing industry must be smart and agile with a focus on process optimisation while delivering products within target values in a cost-efficient way. Advanced oilseed analysis from intake, crushing and extraction processes, quality control of final products and more, supported by the latest in digital connectivity can show the way.


Close and continuous monitoring of oilseed meal production pays off by allowing you to meet protein targets spot-on, minute after minute and hour after hour. In this way, you can achieve great yield and improve your oilseed extraction while limiting protein variation in final products that could lead to customer claims.


Such a proactive approach to process control fits with today’s efficiency goals defined by the Industry 4.0 initiative. Targets on e.g. protein and moisture in oilseed meals can be met more closely and consistently or extracted crude oil can be monitored on key quality parameters. At the same time, the more consistent product deliveries build supplier reputation while continuous improvements ripple through different aspects of your process including production safety, maintenance, and quality. Not least, insight into the process helps you to optimise energy usage, for example, through tighter control in the drying step.

Soybean meal production line

Get more from your resources

At FOSS we understand that success in your oilseed meal production is dependent on being able to optimise the use of raw materials and deliver consistently high-quality products. Our versatile range of analytical solutions has been designed to give you rapid access to accurate data throughout the production cycle - from intake of raw material to process control and end-product specification. With this information, you can supply the high-quality products your customers expect and make the best possible use of your valuable resources.

Oil processing - Segregate

Segregation and quality control of incoming whole oilseeds

Segregation and quality control of incoming oilseeds and accurate blending out of the silo allows for more precise protein and oil extraction management. Leverage the power of Infratec™ to analyse incoming whole oilseeds with unprecedented consistency of results.
Oil processing - After Desolventiser

After the desolventiser and toasting phase

Get optimal control of your oilseed meal production by producing closer to protein and moisture targets and reducing process variations. Monitor oil content in the oilseed meal to optimise the extraction process. The in-line ProFoss™ 2 analyser is the ultimate solution for efficient oilseed meal standardisation with real-time measurements, while using the bench top NIRS™ DS3 analyser as reference.
Oil processing - Final Product

Final product control

Final product quality control ensures that your oilseed meal is within specification. Protect your reputation while saving time and labour with fast and safe analysis using NIRS™ DS3 for solid sample analysis and NIRS™ DS2500 L for fast and accurate measurement of the extracted crude oil samples.

From lab to in-line - a solution for every need


Benchtop analytical solutions from FOSS have become widely established and relied upon for accurate and rapid measurement of key process control parameters. Infratec™ is the global standard for whole grain and oilseed analysis and the ultimate solution for analysing incoming oilseeds with unrivalled accuracy, whereas the NIRS™ DS3 is superior for measuring quality and consistency of solid products such as press cake and meal during the process, with ready to use calibrations for all key parameters. Even for whole sunflower seeds, the NIRS™ DS3 is ideal for analysing seeds without sample preparation. The smaller NIRS™ DA1650 oilseed crush analyser is suited for measurement of whole grains, press cake, flakes, meals and crude oils. Aditionally, the dedicated liquid analyser NIRS™ DS2500 L offers fast and direct measurement of edible oils and liquid samples with temperature control, for constant optimisation of oil production processes.


The ProFoss™ 2 in-line analysis solution has been a game changer, introducing direct and continuous measurement of oilseed meals directly in the process pipe. Key control parameters such as protein, moisture, oil and fibre can be closely monitored to provide tighter production control and bring your production closer to targets. At the same time, the reliability of the results are easily checked against the highly stable NIRS™ DS3 analyser.



Screen with result of analysis


The continuous flow of analysis data provided by ProFoss™ 2 offers critical insight into variations in key product parameters such as protein, moisture, oil and fibre. This enables you to shift production targets closer to protein specifications for immediate and lasting improvements to yield.

Each measurement is made up of high-frequency sub-scans. The frequency of measurement ensures that nothing gets missed and that you will always have a precise picture of any fluctuations in the process. ProFoss™ 2 measurements are based on the latest in NIR reflectance technology for process applications including a robust sensor that does not interfere with the process flow and can be installed and maintained without interrupting operations.

A multipoint approach gives you the option to position ProFoss™ 2 units and sensors at several points in the production line or across different production lines without compromising on speed of measurement which occurs with a multiplex approach. Each point gives the same high frequency of measurements required for a true picture of fluctuations in the process, allowing for precise process adjustments according to production targets.

Profit improvement

By moving protein closer to target by just 0.5%, soybean crushers can save USD 300,000 per year (based on an annual production of 100,000 tonnes and a soybean meal price of USD 400/tonne).


The continuous measurement of moisture content in soybean meal can also save USD 100,000 per year by helping soybean crushers to move moisture 0.25% on average closer to the limit without additional risk to claims, price penalties or rejection of shipments (based on an annual production of 100,000 tonnes and a soybean meal price of USD 400/tonne).

ProFoss 2 Profit Chart

Secure your business with a total solution

With an analysis solution from FOSS you are effectively putting your production in the hands of a reliable partner helping you to ensure consistent performance day in, day out and year after year.


All our solutions combine technology you can trust and the most advanced connectivity capabilities with a complete service and support solution. Meet your targets consistently to improve yield, maximise profit and deliver top quality products, and maintain maximum uptime to protect your investment.

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ProFoss™ 2 oilseed meal analyser

ProFoss™ 2 is an in-line NIR solution for efficient oilseed meal protein standardisation.

Optimise the use of raw materials, run production consistently closer to target specifications and make timely adjustments to ensure high quality final products.

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Profoss 2 for feed product picture on grey background

NIRS™ DS2500 L

Take advantage of the latest development in rapid edible oil testing.
NIRS™ DS2500 L is an advanced near infrared (NIR) liquid vegetable oil tester for fast and easy analysis of multiple parameters. Get consistent results with all monitoring and adjustments taken care of by connectivity-enabled support services.
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Solid, straightforward and reliable, Infratec™ draws on the latest advances in NIR technology, connectivity and usability. It makes the job of quality control easier and less time-consuming as a reliable cornerstone for any grain handling operation. Read more
NIRS DS3 Product Picture

NIRS™ DS3 for oil processing

Advanced analysis providing full confidence in your oil crushing process. The innovative NIRS™ DS3 combines unique analytical performance with the latest software and networking services, making reliable test data for decision-making more available than ever. Read more

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