Grain testing made 20% faster

4. Dec, 2018
A modern grain testing solution such as the Infratec NOVA offers unparalleled levels of speed and usability by testing grain at rates up to 20% faster than other NIR solutions.

Based on cutting edge technology, a number of approvals for trade purposes and a database comprising over 50,000 cross checked samples, Infratec™ NOVA provides outstanding accuracy and stability. This is why Infratec has become the official system for payment by bulk grain handlers around the world.


In this short video, Product Specialist Bengt Norlund demonstrates how fast it is to pour in a sample and get results, literally at the click of a button.


“In order to speed up analysis with Infratec™  NOVA well we’ve done two things. One is that it will start automatically. The second thing is something we call ‘dynamic sub-sampling’, which means that it will only run five sub-samples if the standard deviations between those sub-samples are low – below a set value, instead of doing the normal 10 sub-samples.”


Thanks to the dynamic sub-sampling, the time typically used to run a sample is significantly reduced without losing accuracy, ensuring results you can trust in just 30 seconds.


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