Liquid milk analysis with FTIR directly in the dairy process

Liquid milk analysis
8. Mar, 2018
The MilkoStream™ FT is a new analyser for controlling the fat and protein content of liquid dairy products before they enter the dairy production process, giving a dramatic improvement in yield for dairy producers.
Real-time picture of milk content reveals profit opportunities
Controlling milk going into a production is known as milk standardisation and is a key tool for ensuring efficiency in dairy production. With more knowledge of the fat and protein ratio in incoming milk, a plant manager has more power to control downstream processes with less waste, for example in cheesemaking or dairy powder production.

To date, standardisation of milk has typically involved taking a sample from holding tanks twice an hour. But getting a good representative sample can be difficult because the contents of tanks are often inhomogeneous. With MilkoStream, a sensor measures every seven seconds, (480 measurements an hour) directly in the dairy process, giving a virtually real-time picture. 

The improved flow of analytical data helps to move production targets closer to specification. Based on industry trials of the solution, this can increase product consistency and reduce production variation by 20%. Continuous control of milk ‘on-the-fly’ also reduces the need and associated cost of buffer tank solutions and saves time on manual sampling and laboratory tests.

The world’s first true Inline FTIR analyser

MilkoStream uses Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) – a technology that is well proven for accurate testing of liquid dairy products, for example with instruments like the MilkoScan FT 120 and MilkoScan FT1. The patented FTIR probe provided by the new MilkoStream now allows this powerful FTIR analysis to be applied directly in the process pipe. It tests five key components Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, SNF with in-process repeatability of (Sr) 0,015 on fat and protein and with an accuracy comparable to individual measurements from MilkoScan instruments used in the laboratory. 

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