2021 North American Training Courses

User and Maintenance Training and Certification courses are designed to provide certification-level training for FOSS analytical instruments and software, helping you get the most out of your instrument! Each training course includes instrument specific user and maintenance instruction, and all participants have the opportunity to become certified maintenance providers for their respective FOSS instruments.


October 12 - 14


September 28 - 30

De Win-ISI 4 software van FOSS wordt gebruikt voor het berekenen van kwantitatieve en kwalitatieve calibratie modellen. Deze modellen kunnen gebruikt worden in de ISIscan en ISIscan NOVA routine analyse software. Deze training van 2 dagen behandeld het interpreteren van spectra en referentie gegevens, alsook het ontwikkelen en beoordelen van kwantitatieve en kwalitatieve calibratie modellen. Dit gebeurd aan de hand van theoretische presentaties en praktijkvoorbeelden.

FoodScan™ 2

September 28 - 30



September 29 - 30 (VIRTUAL)

November 10 - 11

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Kalibrieren mit WinISI: eine Übersicht, praktisches Vorgehen beim Erstellen von Modellen, Diskriminat Analysis, LOCAL Prediction.

MeatMaster™ II

September 14 - 16

MilkoScan™ FT1

November 16 - 18

Theoretischer Hintergrund MIR Messung, Aufbau und Bedienung FT1 Software, Kalibrationstraining, Wartungstrainig am Gerät.

MilkoScan™ FT3

September 21 - 23


October 5 - 7

*Discounted pricing available to FossCare participants. Please note Early Bird pricing is available for a limited time. Our Standard Pricing is available up to 30 days before the event. A price increase will be applied if registration takes place again less than 30 days prior to class.

**Full refunds applied for cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of a class. Replacement attendees allowed after 30 days.

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